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Poocoins: How to 100x and NOT get REKT

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How to 100x and NOT get REKT (w/Video)

This Ebook includes 10 packages. Below you will discover what you will learn in each package.

Package 1:
How to Setup a VPN on Mobile & PC
Information you should Never give out
Wallet Options
How to Setup a Wallet
The Proper way to backup your wallet
Alternative Options
Where to buy coins
How to Buy Coins (the basics)

Package 2:
Investigate Dev Wallets
Find out if the Liquidity is locked
Find information about holders
Check if there is a “minting” function
Check Ownership of contracts
Find Contract Versions
See “OnlyOwner” features

Package 3:
How to Investigate a Community

Package 4:
How to find Tokens BEFORE they launch

Package 5:
How to find exchanges BEFORE they launch

Package 6:
How to BUY tokens before they're available to the public

Package 7:
How to make your own Token

Package 8:
Tips on how to Market / Promote a Token

Package 9:
How to "Pump and Dump" a Token (pump and dump method explained)

Package 10
How to Profit from the information you learned in these packages
You will get a PDF (5MB) file