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Top Self-Help Books in 3 Hours

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Tired of reading self-help books only to forget the substance?

This book is the solution šŸ¤©

Introducing ā€œTop-Selling Self-Help Books in 3 Hoursā€ Ebook.

Read the actionable tips and Substance from the Top-Selling Self-Help Books of all time - in just 3 hours!

The average person would take 3 Ā½ years to read all of these books - but with this Ebook, you'll read, have a better understanding, and be able to apply the same amount of books in only 3 hours!

I went through and speed-read all of these books so you donā€™t have to.

We are only able to retain 10% of the books we read and 90% of self-help books are usually filler (the Author establishing who they are, why you should listen, etc.) so the odds of us retaining 100% of the substance is slim, until now.

The beauty of this book is we know the tips are extremely powerful and they work because of the results people have achieved from applying them. So now all you have to do is read and apply.
You will get a PDF (1MB) file