Contract Address
Copy: 0x95b7b114870ad2a67ba910bac614c876913d60ca

Transaction Fee


Fee Automatically Goes
Back into Liquidity


Fee Automatically
distributed back to holders

Contract Address:

How to Avoid Getting RUGGED

If its burned then no further steps are required. The locked LP tokens are held in a contract and not in a regular wallet. Check for the contract icon in front of the holder addresses. If it’s a contract then it’s good but not enough. Ask for the proof which is a URL from dxsale, unicrypt, bscrypt, etc., where you can see that the funds for a contract are locked for a specific amount of time.

Check if the ownership of the contract has been renounced or locked. If the owner was not renounced that does not necessarily mean that the owner has malicious behavior but then you should ask for clarifications.

There might be hardcoded addresses in the contract that would allow only a specific wallet to sell and no one else. So better check that contract. We know that it’s not gonna be easy but you learn every day little by little.

If all these check out you might think that you found the most legit coin and nothing could ever go wrong. From our own mistakes, we can tell you that it’s still not enough. Check also the top holders and see how much percentage they hold and remember to subtract the burned tokens. Even as little as 8% share can still collapse the price, especially if people will panic when the owner starts dumping his coins. So better ask about the reasons and intentions behind fat wallets. If they belong to the owner then you might also ask him to temporarily lock his funds.

Don’t connect your wallet to 3rd party services that you or the community do not trust.

NOPE! As time goes on there are and will be more ways for the scammers to steal your money. There is no such thing as too much research and if all else fails? Follow your gut.




Anti-Scam Educational Video

A visual guide through our 6-step process

What’s the Story behind $HyperCoin?

$HyperCoin Challenge

Look at what we discovered in the contract

Are You In?

The mysterious dev who renounced HyperCoin left us a little challenge. This token was made as a social experiment for sure! It shows how greedy people really are – we all want to take our profits before everyone, and we don’t trust anyone to not do the same. This challenge is meant to unite us!

How to Buy Hypercoin

Play the Video for a Step by Step Guide

Second Method

In the Description of the YouTube video, you will find a second method on how to Buy Hypercoin